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In-person Workshop Policies



1. How do I know where the workshop is located? 

All our workshops are accompanied by a number (excluding some specials). That number is also accompanied by letters that represent the workshop’s location. These letters are:  

  • B for Baltimore 

  • SG for Shady Grove Campus  

  • HC for Howard County 

  • DC for the District of Columbia   

The location is also listed on the website and in the workshop description in the Bloom Catalog. If there are NO letters behind the number, that means that the workshop is VIRTUAL.  


2. Is parking available? 

Yes. Parking is available at all our locations. Below are some options for parking at each of our locations. 

  • Baltimore: Price varies. A list of parking garages can be found here

  • Howard County: Free parking in front of the building. 

  • Shady Grove: Price varies. More information about parking can be found here.  


3. What if I want a hard copy of the handouts and do not have access to a printer? 

To reduce our carbon footprint, we no longer offer paper copies of handouts. You will have access to your workshop materials 24 hours before the start of the workshop through your CPE account which you can access here.   


4. What happens if I’m running late for an in-person workshop? 

Take a deep breath and get to the destination safely. You do not need to call us. You are officially late if you arrive after the start time of the workshop. As soon as you arrive, sign in with the workshop’s liaison – do not wait.  

Your CE certificate will be adjusted in ½ hour increments. This only applies to workshops approved by BSWE.   

If you arrive late to workshops approved by ASWB, CE credits will not be given or adjusted for those that arrive late. 


5. What happens if I need to leave early or have an emergency during an in-person workshop? 

If you need to leave early, please tell the workshop liaison and/or CPE staff. Please do not tell the workshop instructor. 

CE credits will be adjusted for participants who neglect to receive their CE certificate at the end of the workshop, and neglected to inform the liaison of their departure, your CE certificate will be adjusted in ½ an hour increments. This only applies to workshops approved by BSWE. 

 If you leave early from a workshop approved by ASWB, CE credits will not be given, nor will they be adjusted. 


6. How do I receive my CE certificate? 

Each participant MUST sign in and out of the workshop. If you do not sign out, your CE’s will be adjusted (this only applies to workshops approved by BSWE). CPE staff will assume you left during the last break.  

Evaluations and certificates will be available by noon the next business day in your CPE account. Click the ORANGE certificate button for the workshop you attended to access the evaluation. Then you will have an option to download, print, or email your certificate.  

Please Note: As long as you have access to your CPE account, you will be able to access all of your workshop certificates offered by CPE.  


7. What if I have a complaint/grievance? 

The Office of Continuing Professional Education works hard to offer innovative workshops. We also take all complaints seriously. If you have a complaint, please contact our office IMMEDIATELY. 

Refunds or Credit Letters will not be issued for fully attended workshops. Please see our Grievance Policy HERE. 


8. Do we offer ADA Accommodations? 

We do! If you are requesting ADA accommodations, please contact us via email at least two weeks prior to the course date. Requests after that date may not be fulfilled. 


Instructors reserve the right to dismiss participants who are not adhering to the Code of Conduct. 

For questions, concerns, or to request special accommodation, please call: 410.706.1839 

For financial questions or concerns, please call: 410.706.1839


 Updated 6.9.2023