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F22- Daniel Thursz Social Justice Lecture: Ableism and Health Advocacy (VIRTUAL)

Total Credits: 2.75 including 2.75 DC Public Health Priorities Requirement

Daniel Thursz Lecture  |  Special Offers
Adam Hays |  Dana Kobrin |  Jason Schriml |  Kayla Shields |  Libby Nuss |  Mary McKelvie |  Faith McLuckie
3 Hours



**workshop meets the DC Public Health Prioities requirement

Part 1: Ableism 101: Affirming Practice with Disabled People/People with Disabilities* 

Part 2: Inclusive Health and Medical Advocacy for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

Historically, Social Workers have received little training and guidance on best practices to support people with disabilities and provide services that are affirming, strengths-based, and accessible. This University of Maryland School of Social Work Daniel Thursz Social Justice Event will be offered as two interactive workshops:  

Ableism 101: This reflective workshop created by students and alumni of the School of Social Work will focus on the ways in which bias and stigma impact us as social workers, offering strategies and exercises to increase awareness of internalized ableism and better engage in anti-oppressive practice in the disability space.   

Inclusive Health and Medical Advocacy: A training on Inclusive Health, led by self-advocates from Special Olympics Maryland (SOMD), will work to better prepare social workers to provide supportive, affirmative health services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This training was developed based on interactions of SOMD participants in navigating the healthcare system and engaging with healthcare providers. You will hear different health stories through first person experiences that highlight the importance of inclusive health practices.   

*To foster a respectful and inclusive environment, we welcome and encourage participants and facilitators to use language that reflects and honors their own experience. Recognizing that there are different preferences and ways of identifying in the disability community, we’ve included both person-first and identity first language. If you would like to learn more, we recommend this brief article: 


Special Olympics Maryland, DREAM Disability Justice, the School of Social Work’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee 


Ableism 101: Dana Kobrin (alum), Mary McKelvie (alum), Libby Nuss (SSW Student) 

Inclusive Health and Medical Advocacy: Adam Hays, Jason Schriml and Kayla Shields

Emcees: Samantha Fuld 



Adam Hays Related seminars and products

Special Olympics Maryland Health Ambassador 

Adam Hays is an accomplished Special Olympics Maryland athlete and leader within the organization that has been competing for 26 years in sports like Cycling and Soccer.  He was born with Hydrocephalus and has lived his life in and out of hospital having had 34 major brain surgeries.  He is excited to share his knowledge and experiences interacting as a patient with an intellectual disability in the medical system today. 



Dana Kobrin Related seminars and products

Dana Kobrin (she/her) holds an MSW at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work. She is an LMSW that formerly is an Americorps VISTA alumni who worked and worked at the University of Maryland, College Park by assisting with advising, career planning, and other case management services for undergraduate students.  

Dana currently works at a Supported Employment Specialist at Jewish Community Services assisting with career coaching, case management, and community programming for individuals with disabilities. Dana has extensive experience in higher education admissions and recruitment, advising, curriculum building, event programming, case management, and career support for students and individuals with disabilities. 



Jason Schriml Related seminars and products

Having grown up in Saskatchewan, Canada Jason Schriml has always been involved in helping others achieve their best. Whether on sports teams, in school, or his various jobs working with persons with intellectual disabilities for the last 30+ years. The focus has always been on building a strong foundation based on people's strengths.   

Having served the athletes of Special Olympics Maryland in many roles since 1998 he is most excited about his current role as VP of Athlete Leadership.  Helping self-advocates tell their story and enhance their talents and skills off the playing field. 

When Jason is not teaching and mentoring he enjoys traveling and searching through family records to build a bridge to the past. 

Jason has a personal connection to the UMD School of Medicine through his wife, Dr. Lynn Schriml, in the Department of Epidemiology.  


Kayla Shields Related seminars and products

Hello! My name is Kayla Shields and I am the Director of Inclusive Health and Fitness at Special Olympics Maryland (SOMD)! Kayla’s role at Special Olympics Maryland includes overseeing the Healthy Athletes Program and all of the health and fitness offerings both in schools and the community programming.  

Kayla’s educational background includes a BS Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a MS Degree in Adapted Physical Activity. She is a Baltimore native who came back to Maryland after going to both undergrad and grad school in Northern Pennsylvania. While in PA, Kayla was able to gain a ton of different experiences working with individuals who had physical and intellectual disabilities in a variety of sports/exercise settings. She volunteered with a collegiate wheelchair basketball team, ENVISION Blind Sports and Special Olympics PA. With SOPA, Kayla was involved in Young Athletes, Unified Fitness, and Interscholastic Unified Sports where I coached Indoor Bocce. She was also the Nutrition Coordinator Slippery Rock University’s Transition Achievement Program. 

Libby Nuss Related seminars and products

Libby Nuss (she/her) holds a BME from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and is currently pursuing an MSW from the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work. Prior to coming to UMB, Libby worked for eight years as a music educator and band director. She is currently a SUDIF scholar, focusing on holistic treatment of substance use disorders, serves as the Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Common Market Co+Op in Frederick, MD, and is a founding Board Member of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee there. Libby is passionate about joyfully building bridges within her community and co-creating paths to a more just, inclusive, and sustainable future.  


Mary McKelvie Related seminars and products

Mary McKelvie, M.A., L.M.S.W (they/them) is a psychotherapist and social worker with training in critical feminist analysis and gender-affirming practice. As a psychotherapist, Mary works to explore relationships, identity, and embodiment through compassionate curiosity with their clients. They use an anti-racist and trans-affirming critical disability justice lens to find paths to liberation with their clients, colleagues, and comrades. 

Learning Objectives


Upon the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to: 

Learning Objectives 


Ableism 101:  

1. Attendees will understand the many ways in which ableism exists in our broader society and in social work practice (including the manifestations of internalized ableism).   

2. Attendees will identify actions to intervene in dynamics of unconscious ableism to better engage in affirmative, anti-oppressive social work practice.  


Inclusive Health and Medical Advocacy:   

1. Attendees will understand the ways in which health systems and services may marginalize and stigmatize people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

2. Attendees will learn concrete tools and strategies as health care professionals and advocates to better support people with intellectual disabilities and provide affirmative, inclusive, and equitable care.  



This workshop is free. However there is a $45 fee for CEs. Please hit the "Purchase CEs" button that appears once you add the workshop to your cart. 


There are no refunds or transfers for this event. 

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Target Audience

Social Workers, LCPCs, and Psychologists

All those interested in Topic Welcomed